Why HUB Financial?


At HUB Financial we combine extensive sales training and coaching with industry leading back office support and exceptional technology to provide you with the development you seek while maintaining your independence. We have direct access to all major carriers and offices in 15 cities across Canada allowing us to provide you with the convenience of local support and the security of national scope and size.


Here’s what our brokers say about us…


I wanted to thank you for taking the time to create the client interview training videos. I watched them all today. I was surprised by how similar my meetings are to the ones you demonstrate, however, I did discover that I also should be stressing the emotional and physical losses during an illness or disability, not just the financial impact. I like finding new ideas and inspiration when I can, and the HUB Video Library is fantastic for that.
~ Ari Costas, Burnaby, BC


The ownership that Hub’s people make in getting the job done is extraordinary. While we are the client, our relationship with HUB feels much more like a partnership, an extension of Our team…all working towards achieving the best outcomes for our clients.
~ Brent van Rysewyk, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C., CHS., Toronto, ON


I would like to express my deepest gratitude and utmost respect to you for your work. You have proven to be an invaluable asset to our firm as your dedication and experience shines through in your work. I am also very pleased to see a HUB representative equally devoted to our goals in getting underwriting completed for our clients.
~ Ravi Toor, Burnaby, BC


You are very accessible and very knowledgeable. You take responsibility for my cases and that is a big help. I feel like a team working with you.
~ Seema Gakhar, Toronto, ON


How is it that you can fix everything?? We just spoke today in house about our “girl” at HUB. You are a huge help with every facet there. From Insurance to pointing us in the right direction, to assisting with trouble shooting you are an excellent addition to the team even 150kms away.
~ Amy Gilbert, Stettler, AB


I wanted to thank you for the course you put on. I have been using another commercially available system for selling to business owners and I have been struggling to get traction with it. It doesn’t focus on the key issues: Loan Protection, Key Man, Buy Sell, and Wealth Creation and Transfer. After attending your sessions and reviewing your material, I am going to switch to using the HUB Masterworks program. I already have a meeting with an accounting firm to present the entire presentation of business needs. Thank you Tony and HUB, if you ever need a recommendation, please do not hesitate to connect with me.
~ Dylan Brown, Vancouver, BC


I have been researching and trying to develop my own Financial Planning/Marketing System, with little to no success. I have wasted a lot of time and resources trying to do what HUB has created.  HUB’s Compass Program is user friendly for not only me but also for the client. It demystifies the financial process for everyone. I am excited about having access to it. I look forward to implementing the Program into all aspects of my business from approaching new prospects to reconnecting with existing clients.
~ Chris Newell, Sudbury, ON


I have been in business since 1986 and seen many systems. HUB’s Your Financial Compass system combines all of it. This is an excellent set of tools that allows us to go to anyone and go through an organized process with them. It is also helps me create and maintain compliant client files.
~ Tony Sinko, London, ON


I wanted to thank you again for including me in the Valued Planner Development Program this week.  Although I have been in the business for 7 years, I was still able to take a lot of positive pieces from this course. Over my time as an Advisor, I have been privy to two different companies training programs for new advisors, and without a doubt, this course was hands down the best I have been a part of. Where the other companies that I worked for spread this “new advisor” training out over weeks or even months, Tony cut through the garbage and showed us more in two and a half days then could be asked for. He rekindled my passion for prospecting, and where the other two places failed me, he allowed me to leave with the knowledge and belief that the process I have at my disposal not only can work, but will work. I wish I had this training 7 years ago when I started; it makes me think of where I could be!
~ Trevor Fisher, Winnipeg, MB


I have been looking for a way to integrate more insurance sales into my primarily investment business. The Compass process and tools allow me to easily integrate this product line into my client meetings. Thanks gang! This is all good stuff! I’ll be using it all as a template.
~ Larry Williams, Surrey, BC


It’s the people that make an MGA. As an established advisor with a thriving practice, my relationships at both the local and national level at HUB Financial give me the confidence of knowing that my needs are considered and met. HUB Financial also offers me the facility to put all of my business under a single umbrella with one corporate culture and a unified compliance environment. As one of the biggest MGA’s in Canada, I can count on them to work with carriers and regulators on my behalf to ensure that my ability to provide my clients with independent advice remains intact through the regulatory and industry changes that keep coming.
~ Brian Friesen, CFP, CLU., Vancouver, BC


I am new to the insurance business, and going through the Compass training has provided me with a solid process to prospect, present, and close insurance sales. The Simple Conversation is a natural way to get the client involved and think about what’s important to them. Working with the client through the rest of the program provides a platform to assist the client in solving their Insurance, and Retirement needs. Compass, HUB’s proprietary sales process, is a simple and effective way to increase your sales.
~ Stephen Schuppler, Calgary, AB


I completed my interview today with FINTRAC and it went exceptionally well. The FINTRAC officer told me that she was “very impressed with the documentation I submitted and that she has never done an audit that went so smoothly”. I attended the 2013 HUB Financial Compliance Symposium and left that meeting a little stunned from what I felt was just another responsibility - get ready for a FINTRAC audit/review. In hindsight, that meeting was the saving grace for me as over the next few months it forced me to sit down and review my business from top to bottom in order to complete my own compliance manual using the tools that HUB provided to me. You are a terrific bunch and it makes me believe that signing up with HUB was one of the best decisions I have made in the last 12 months!
~ Heather Mallette, Pincourt, QC


I am delighted to be part of the HUB organization, very appreciative of the support and consideration shared by everyone I've met. There is a rare atmosphere - one of inclusion and appreciation, offering great opportunities to share ideas as a team and grow together. Thanks so much.
~ Teresa McMahon, St. Albert, AB


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